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DeirdreSays.com provides quality virtual assistant and content creation/freelance writing services to fit your needs.

General Virtual Assistant Services
General Virtual Assistant Services

I have over 20 years of experience and provide services for a wide range of administrative tasks including:

  1. Microsoft Word & Excel
  2. Powerpoint Presentation Design
  3. Mailing List Management
  4. Basic Social Media Management
  5. WordPress Setup and Simple Web Design
  6. WordPress Theme Install
  7. WordPress Blog Management
  8. Website & Blog Updates

Learn more about the virtual assistant and general administrative services I provide by clicking here.

Content Creation
Content Creation

Getting traffic is only half the battle. If you want your web visitors and potential customers or clients to stick around, you’ve got to give them something to make them stay.

Don’t waste your hard-earned traffic with poorly crafted content. You have to be sure it grabs your visitors’ attention and reels them in.

But even if you have great content already, you know it’s not a one-time deal. You have to continually craft more content to expand and grow your audience.

I can help with that. Learn more about content creation and writing services for your business by clicking here.

Content Re-Purposing
Content Repurposing

You put a lot of time and effort into crafting excellent content, so make your content go the extra mile.

Breathe new life into your blog posts, podcasts, articles, etc. by re-purposing them as social media posts, short reports, ebooks, and more.

Your content should bring you traffic from various platforms with minimal effort.

Learn more about content re-purposing services for your business by clicking here.

Website and Blog Services

Website and Blog Services

You’ve found the perfect WordPress theme. BUT… You’re pulling your hair out trying to get it installed. BUMMER.

WordPress is an awesome platform that makes it easy to create a versatile and professional web presence for your business.

However, if you’re not the techie type, a visit to the dentist might seem more pleasant. PLUS, once it’s up and running, you still need to worry about updates and monitoring.

If need someone to install a new WordPress theme or regularly upload content or update your website, I can help. Check out a full overview of the WordPress website and blog services I provide by clicking here.

Social Media Services
Social Media Services

I provide help with social media services for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social media is an excellent was way to connect with and build your audience, but it also takes a LOT of time.

Whether you need help creating content, uploading content, or scheduling posts, I can help. Click here to get a full overview of the social media services I provide.